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Teen Court Sessions
Teen Court sessions take place in South County and Sarasota, every other week, on Mondays and Wednesdays, respectively. The Teen Court process is much like regular court, except instead of determining and innocent or guilty verdict, juvenile respondents have already accepted responsibility and are given a verdict of meaningful consequences. All participating members of a Teen Court session are youth from our community. Students serve as prosecuting and defending attorneys, clerks, bailiffs, and jurors. An adult volunteer judge, usually a local judge or attorney, presides over each courtroom. After the defendant is questioned by both attorneys, the jury deliberates and returns with a constructive sentence. Sentencing may include up to 50 community service hours, up to 6 jury duties, Peer Circle sessions, drug testing, and letters of apology, essay or reports.

Camp X-RAYD- Examine Reality About Your Decisions
Collaborations between Teen Court of Sarasota, Inc., Sarasota County Medical Examiner, Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Salvation Army and Sarasota Police Department the services have proven to reduce substance abuse and reduce further juvenile crime among Sarasota County youth.  Camp X-RAYD was developed to work with youth exhibiting out of control behaviors in their homes and community, as well as those young people involved in using illegal substances. While participating in CAMP X-R.A.Y.D. the youth will:

  • Participate in Physical Training led by SPD LEO instructors to emphasize self-discipline, integrity, personal fitness, team building exercises.  Fun to be fit mentality.
  • Tour of the Morgue
  • Tour of the E.R.
  • Tour of the Salvation Army and VIPERS program
  • Integrity Building & Goal Setting Segment
  • Parent of youth that died of accidental overdose shares story
  • Parents & youth will complete (3) 90 minute Drug Education classes as scheduled over the four consecutive weeks following the 9 hour Saturday

Camp X-Rayd Sponsors and Partners: Sisterhood for Good, MSC foundation, SMH, Sarasota County Medical Examiner, Salvation Army, Wine Fest, Wilson Wood and Catalyst Realty

Substance Abuse Education Class
Substance use, abuse, and addiction prevent completion of educational goals, acceptance into institutes of higher learning, and many career opportunities. Our Substance Abuse Education Program prioritizes practical knowledge and field research into the pharmacology, psychological impacts, and physiological effects of substances. Family and interpersonal communication skills are reinforced. Problem solving activities tackle anger management and self-esteem challenges. Random confidential drug screening prepares juveniles for marketplace realities and emphasizes the importance of making appropriate life choices with a clear mind. Parents acquire the skills needed to discuss substance abuse and drug culture with their children.

Risky Behavior Class
The Risky Behaviors Program will allow discussion of the relationship among each of the above concerns as families are currently experiencing one or all of them, or may confront them in the future. Mandatory guardian in attendance with youth for these classes.
Risky Behaviors Class is forever changing and addressing the hot topics in the world of today’s youth.

Sexting, Bullying & Emotional Response. 
According to the National Center for Education Statistics and Bureau of Justice Statistics, nationwide, about 21% of students ages 12-18 experience bullying.  Feelings and corresponding actions can either lead to risky behaviors or become the reaction to them.  As a parent during the digital age, it can be difficult to enforce boundaries and stay on top of everything your kids are doing, but if you're footing the bill, it is well within your right to ask your children what they are doing and play your part to help protect them. That is where education and accountability come into play. 

A startling number (over 3.6 million nationwide) of youth (middle schoolers and high schoolers) are using e-cigs. This class has both parents and youth participants learn the facts about the devices and the substances they put in them. Vape pens, pod mods, electronic nicotine devices, cartridges, tanks, and juul’s popularity has grown and concerns that there will be a new generation of addicts is a valid concern. The Risky Behaviors class digs in to the underlying issues of peer pressure, coping mechanisms, and the culture that contributes to these behaviors.

Law-Related Education
Student volunteers who participate in Teen Court sessions receive law-related education in several ways. As active jury members, student volunteers learn the court process through experience.  As teen attorneys, student volunteers receive a teen attorney training facilitated by local attorneys. Adult volunteer judges often provide mentoring to the teen attorneys following the conclusion of a teen court session. The opportunity for youth in our community to practice public speaking while giving opening and closing statements, analytical thinking while preparing witness questioning, as well as knowledge of proper courtroom procedure, is invaluable to their lives and often shapes their future trajectory regarding secondary schooling and career. There are countless former teen attorneys who are practicing law all over the country.

Individual Counseling/ Family Counseling
For teens who are struggling with issues like depression, anxiety, emotional trauma, etc. we offer private counseling sessions with a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC). These sessions can be offered free of charge, in both North and South County.

Drug Test- Parent or school can request drug test. 

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