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Risky Behavior Education Class Fee

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What is the purpose of CO-OP classes? ** Good thoughts lead to good actions! ** To reduce violence and violent behaviors including, but no limited to, ten dating violence, bullying, cyber-bullying, fighting, harassment, and threats. ** To instill and/or reinforce the importance of positive actions How do CO-OP classes have a positive impact on at-risk youth? ** Through the utilization of cognitive, behavioral, developmental, and gender specific approaches, children will better understand the importance of their own personal safety. ** Participating in group discussions facilitated by licensed counselors will teach young people how their decisions can and will lead to a productive, law-abiding, and healthy life. ** Participants will come to understand that feelings of anger, fear, and pain are normal, and will learn skills to cope with those feelings. Who can participate? ** At-risk youth referred to Teen Court who have demonstrated or encountered problems with managing their anger, have been involved with bullying, either as the bully or the victim, and young people who have suffered an emotional trauma, or have problems coping with life’s challenging times.
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